It was Zagreb, Croatia where Janko [yawn-koh] perfected his "tagging" and school-skipping skills. At age 16 he was shipped off to boarding school in Germany where he was subjected to strict curfews, über morality and a high carb diet. Gladly, the boy repented, mended his ways, and subsequently did not return to listening to rap music for nearly a decade.

Once a high school graduate, Janko moved to America, the land of promise, and half off the second pair of shoes. He attended the Art Institute of Seattle, and graduated with a degree in Commercial Photography. During this time he first discovered how to wield the power of computerized color picture changing. In the years that would follow, he aided many a photographer in the creation of lovely visuals.

As his ability to wrangle pixels grew so did his appetite for more challenging work. He proceeded to work on staff as a retoucher in prepress and stock photography production firms. Now as an independent freelancer, with the internet at his side, his small operation has a global reach. It is with great pride and deepest pleasure that Janko serves a diverse client base and welcomes new projects with arms open wide.

Janko also designs and builds handsome furniture, points his camera at neat things, and very rarely trims his beard.